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Driving Lessons

Learner's Permit

The first step toward enjoying the freedom of the road is to obtain a Learners Permit.

Visit to obtain required state forms.

• At least 15 years old.
• Present a signed Parental Consent Form.
• Proof of identity.
• Complete the Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education Course (TLSAE) Available on-line
• Pass Vision Test 20/40 or better corrected or uncorrected.
• Pass Hearing Test.
• Pass State exam given by the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).
   It will consist of  50 questions. Required to correctly answer 40 or more.
   Pick up a Florida Driver’s License Handbook at
• You will receive a Learners License allowing you to drive with a licensed driver.
• You will be required to drive 50 hours before you will be able to be tested for your Class E License.

Rookie Driver Course

Designed for the new driver holding a Learners License. This course consists of 6 hrs. of Professional Behind the Wheel instruction. We will pick up the student at the requested local for 3 Lessons each lasting 2 hours. Each student will receive an instructional record accessing them and instructing the following behaviors.

• Orientation to dashboard, warning lights, hand signals, car rules, blind spots, how to start the engine preparing the car for driving.
• Behind the Wheel Confidence.
• Three point turn.
• Head in parking and curb side parking.
• Interstate driving.
• Backing out of driveway and pulling into traffic.
• Centering the car in the roadway.
• Left and right turns, position, speed, steering and controlling the vehicle.
• Breaking (quick stop) and acceleration.
• Stopping distance for signals and car ahead.
• 4 second rule.
• Use of mirrors.
• Knowledge of signs, lane markings, directions and speed limits.
• Lane changing and passing.

Personal Lesson Plan available to fit the Drivers personal needs. $120.00 Per 2 hr. additional lesson.

- Seat time with real road situations are key to developing driver confidence and safe behaviors. Additional lessons can be tailored to focus on specific road situations such as bridges, interstates, downtown areas, high traffic areas and construction areas.

Price: $375 

Schedule the Rookie Course as 3 individual 2 hour lessons 

We accept Visa and MasterCard 

*There will be a $3 convenience charge.

Operator Exam

This license will allow you to operator a car, truck or van less than 26,000 pounds.  
• Must be 16 years old
• Complete the Certificate of Minor Driving Experience Form.
• Pass the Driving Skills Test.
• Able Driving Center is authorized through the DHSMV (Department of Highway Safety Motor Vehicles) to administer Florida Class E • • Driver License Testing. That means no more waiting in line at the local office. We will pick you up, administered the road test, complete the state required paperwork and spend your results to the local office. You will need to the local office it take you photo and pick up your license.
• Cannot have any moving violations for one year.
Visit for more information on State requirements.

Price: $145,  with use of ABLE DRIVING CENTER autos.